Restarting the Client application as a Windows system service

Last updated on Nov 12, 2018

The Client application can be started in one of the following two modes:

As a limited application
This mode allows you to perform tasks only available to a Windows standard user. It doesn't allow you to control UAC prompts, install applications, setup unattended access, etc.

By default, the Client application attempts to run as a Windows system service. However, the remote user may not have sufficient rights to accept the UAC prompt and in such cases the Client application will be started as a limited application.

As a Windows system service (with elevated administrator privileges)

This mode will allow you to do the following:

When the Client application is started as a limited application, you will see the following message on your Home toolbar after connecting to the computer:

To restart the Client application as a Windows system service:

  1. Click the restart the Client as a Service link
  2. You will  be prompted to enter the Windows credentials for the remote computer. You can enter these credentials yourself or pass the request to the remote user. 
  3. The remote user may be prompted to accept the UAC dialog.

After the Client application has been restarted, a corresponding notification will be displayed in your chat panel.

Watch the video: