Is Techinline a data controller or a data processor?

Last updated on May 31, 2018

Techinline acts as the controller of data that’s essential for us to provide you with the FixMe.IT service (for example, when you register for the FixMe.IT free trial account).

At the same time, Techinline may be your data processor. For instance, each time you establish a remote connection we collect pieces of data, such as IP addresses of the session participants, for reporting purposes, and therefore act as your data processor. In such cases, you act as the data controller and must make sure that your organization meets GDPR requirements. We recommend you ensure that your policies and internal documentation concerning GDPR compliance are up to date and clear to your readers.

FixMe.IT does not collect, process or store any personally identifiable information during the remote session except for general information used to generate session reports, which includes IP addresses of the session participants. For more information, see the Security section of the FixMe.IT Support Center.

Techinline’s controller and processor activities are covered by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .