How can I use FixMe.IT?

Last updated on Apr 25, 2018

FixMe.IT can be used for:

  • Technical support/help desk service. Remotely assist your customers and/or users.
  • After-hours maintenance and support. Connect to unattended machines during after-hours.
  • Access personal programs and files on the go. Setup your home or office computer for unattended access and instantly connect from anywhere.
  • Online product demos. Help your prospects navigate through your offers efficiently, or demonstrate your products live to any number of remote users.
  • Collaborate and review documents with your customer. Examine spreadsheets, charts and slides. Focus on important data and simplify complicated documents in real time.
  • Obtain approvals for your design work from customers that are thousands of miles away. Show photos, sketches, 3D models, charts and presentations.
Visit the Features page to view the complete list of FixMe.IT's features.