Mass installing unattended access on multiple remote machines

Last updated on May 04, 2018

You can install unattended access on multiple remote computers at once with a single psexec command.

  1. Run the Expert application
  2. Go to My Account  Downloads and download the Unattended Access Setup file to a folder of your choice.
  3. Run the following command line in the Windows Command Prompt:

    psexec \\win2012g1, win2012g2, win2012g3 -i -s -c -v -h -w c:\windows\temp "c:\tmp\FixMeit Unattended Access Setup.exe"

    where win2012g1, win2012g2 and win2013 are the names or ip addresses of the computers, -i -s -c- -v -h -w are the psexec command parameters, and "c:\your-folder\FixMeit Unattended Access Setup.exe" is the file location on your local machine.

It is not required to store the file in a shared location, as it will be copied to all remote machines during the command execution.