Transferring files, folders and text

Last updated on Jan 02, 2020

  You can exchange files, folders, text, and other content between your and remote computer:

1. Drag & drop

You can drag objects from the remote desktop window and drop them on your computer, or drag objects from your local computer to the remote desktop window. The drag and drop operation works in the same way as on your local computer.

You can also drag and drop content between remote desktop windows when working with multiple remote desktops simultaneously.

2. Copy & paste

You can transfer any objects to and from a remote desktop by copying them to clipboard on one computer and pasting on the other.

If the copied objects are not pasted in the target location, see our Knowledge Base article for more details.

Canceling file transfer

An active Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste file transfer can be canceled using the Cancel Transfer button on the remote desktop toolbar:

3. Send File button

Using the Send File button you can transfer a file from your computer to the remote computer without connecting to the remote desktop. 

The remote user can also use the Send File button to transfer a file from their computer to yours.

The Send File button allows transferring only a single file at a time. To send multiple files or objects, use the Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste methods.

Watch the video: