How does an unattended computer communicate with FixMe.IT's server?

Last updated on Dec 07, 2018

To ensure unattended access to a remote computer, this computer must be able to receive signals or requests from FixMe.IT's external server. The computer must also be able to send its status to the servers. Current technology constraints and security requirements don't allow communicating with external servers directly. As a result, such communication is enabled using various techniques. FixMe.IT uses the safest and most secure method for communicating with an unattended computer:

  • During the initial unattended access setup, the computer is registered on FixMe.IT's unattended server using a secure HTTPS request
  • While the unattended computer is running, it establishes a secure HTTPS connection with FixMe.IT's unattended server. To ensure that this connection is not closed by network devices located between the computer and FixMe.IT's server, the server periodically (roughly once per minute) sends 1-byte ping packets using the established HTTPS connection
  • The established HTTPS connection is used to send connection requests from the Expert to this unattended computer
  • To display actual information about the unattended computer within your Unattended Client list, the computer sends updated information to the FixMe.IT server using secure HTTPS requests

No other information is sent to and from the unattended computer.