Managing Unattended Client list

Last updated on Nov 05, 2019

You can do the following within your Unattended Client list:

Connect to an unattended computer

  1. Locate the unattended computer within your list
  2. Click the green Connect button

If someone is working on the computer when you are trying to connect, they may decline the connection within 5 seconds and you will receive a corresponding notification.

Edit an unattended computer's Name and Group

  1. Click the Edit icon next to the computer Name
  2. Enter a Computer Name
  3. Enter a Computer Group or select an existing Group from the dropdown list. If the entered Computer Group does not exist, a new group will be created.

Watch the video:

Rearrange and sort columns

You can rearrange the Unattended Client list's column order by dragging the column header(s) to the right or left.

Click the column header to sort the Unattended Client list based on the selected column content.

Search for an unattended computer

Use the Filter field to search for specific unattended computers within your list.

Remove unattended access from a computer

  1. Click the red Remove icon next to the computer Name
  2. Unattended access will be automatically removed from the remote computer

The remote user may also remove unattended access from their computer at any time by clicking the FixMe.IT icon in their system tray and selecting Revoke. In this case, the computer's status in your Unattended Client list will change to Revoked.

View current status of an unattended computer

The Unattended Client list displays the following information for each unattended computer:

  • Computer Name
  • Computer Group
    To show groups, click the Show Groups button
  • Logged In User
    Displays the currently logged in Windows user if someone is currently logged in
  • Activity
    Displays whether the computer is currently Not in Use or someone is currently working on the computer. The Not In Use status indicates that the computer's mouse and keyboard have not been used for over 5 minutes. To see when the computer was last used, hover your mouse cursor over the Not in Use status.
  • IP Address
    Displays the current IP address for an Online unattended computer. If the computer is currently Offline, the most recent IP address will be displayed.
  • Status
    1. Online. Computer is powered on and available for an unattended connection.
    2. Offline. Computer is either powered off or not connected to our server.
    3. Revoked. Unattended access has been removed from this computer by the remote user.
    4. Unknown. The unattended client was unexpectedly stopped or removed from the remote computer for an unknown reason (i.e. the end user terminated our application from their Task Manager or stopped/uninstalled our Windows service)
    5. Installing. Computer was unable to connect to our server during the unattended access installation. Please verify that the computer can connect to our servers by opening the page in the computer's web browser.
  • Installed On
    Displays when unattended access was installed on this computer
  • Last Connected
    Displays when you last connected to this computer